Are you struggling with gum disease, multiple broken or missing teeth, or tooth infections, and feel that dental implants are out of your budget? If so, you might want to consider dentures, also known as a technique called “Staging.”

Staging involves removing your remaining broken, infected, or unhealthy teeth and immediately replacing them with a denture. The denture is an acrylic appliance that gives the appearance of natural teeth. However, because it’s not attached to your bone or gums, it lacks function and can come out when you smile too big or eat something that pulls it out. This can be frustrating and impact your quality of life.


The good news is that the denture is only a temporary solution until you can move forward with dental implants. This is where “Staging” comes in – we use the denture as a means to buy you time until you are ready to receive implants. Although implants are not necessary after getting a denture, they are highly recommended because they provide a permanent solution that mimics natural teeth’ function and appearance. We call this permanent solution “Smile in a Day” and it’s the ultimate way to replace your teeth, giving you the smile you deserve.

By opting for “Staging,” you can improve your oral health and quality of life, even if you’re on a tight budget. It provides a way to address multiple dental issues at once and create a path towards a long-term solution that will last for years to come. If you’re considering this approach, contact the Denovo team to learn more about the benefits and find out if it’s right for you.