Pediatric Dentistry
Tacoma, WA

Making Dentistry Fun When It Matters Most

Our dentists believe that a trip to the dentist should be fun, lighthearted, and nothing to fear. The way your child is exposed to dentistry lays the groundwork for how they view dental care and dental visits for the rest of their lives.

Our team especially loves caring for young patients, and works hard to make sure each child is spoken to gently, treated with respect, and cared for as if they were our own child. We use simple words to explain procedures to our patients and make sure each parent or guardian is aware of the process as well.

Caring For Your Child’s Teeth

You should begin cleaning your child’s gums with a soft cloth and water from the time they are born. As soon as their teeth begin to erupt, proper tooth brushing is one of the most important things you can do to help protect your child’s teeth from cavity-causing bacteria. You should use a soft-bristled toothbrush with a small amount of toothpaste (no more than a pea-sized amount) and be sure that your child spits out the excess toothpaste after they are finished. Wherever your child’s teeth touch together you need to floss as well. Those tight spaces often trap food and bacteria, which can in turn lead to the formation of cavities. The grocery store and drugstores such as Walgreens and CVS usually sell children’s floss picks in the dental care aisle. These picks are usually much easier to use than traditional dental floss. In addition to all the above, it is important that you help your child brush his or her teeth. It is good to let them “help,” but young children lack the coordination to effectively brush their teeth on their own.