Dr Neil Choudhry DDS

Dental Implant Dentist

Dr Neil Choudhry DDS

Doctor of Dental Surgery, Temple University

Advanced Training and Certification in Dental Implantology

Treatment Philosophy
& Education Background

Dr. Neil Choudhry, an accomplished implant dental surgeon, possesses a profound passion for transforming lives through precise and innovative oral care. Dr. Neil has distinguished education from Temple University and extensive experience, including the placement of 1000s of implants and hundreds of full mouth cases. With multiple fellowship under his belt, training among some of the world’s best implant surgeons and amounting to over 500 hours in implant continued education, Dr. Neil expertly navigates the realm of implantology, seamlessly blending innovative dental care and cutting-edge digital technology. 

 He has learned high level implant placement, such as pterygoid implants, to improve patient satisfaction and the longevity of the prosthetics. Dr. Neil’s philosophy centers on the principle of treating patient’s like his own family. Not only is it important to him to build trust with each patient, but he emphasizes fostering a comfortable environment as well as prioritizing the well-being of each individual seeking dental care. By taking the time to not only understand the patient’s oral health but also their own personal concerns and preferences, Dr. Neil’s commitment to patient well-being is evident through the level of compassion, attention, and quality of dental treatment he delivers with each personalized treatment plan, ensuring both aesthetics and functionality while maintaining a conservative approach. 

 Driven by a desire to restore smiles and confidence, he remains at the forefront of advancements, consistently delivering exceptional results. With a gentle demeanor and a steadfast dedication to his craft, Dr. Neil continues to redefine the standard of care in implant dentistry.

Home Life

Outside of the dental office, Dr. Neil enjoys a diverse range of hobbies. He enjoys to travel and explore new cultures and cuisines. He especially enjoys appreciating new environments whether it be through hiking scenic trails or enjoying a simple bike ride. Dr. Neil also holds great appreciation for basketball and often finds himself at the basketball court on the weekends.